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Screw elevator linkage platform

Short Description:

The linkage platform of screw lifter is an mechatronic motion execution unit that skillfully combines the motor, reducer, steering gear and screw lifter through coupling, transmission shaft and so on. It can realize the linkage use of multiple screw lifters, meet the requirements of multiple stable, synchronous and reciprocating lifting, and also realize the overturning movement. Thus, it can replace the traditional hydraulic and pneumatic transmission on many occasions. This motion unit based on worm gear screw elevator provides a broader practical space for engineers to develop products in the digital era. It is widely used in solar energy, metallurgy, food, water conservancy and other industries.

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    Product Tags

    Application scope

    1. Lifting, displacement, tightening, turnover and other actuators in the production line;

    2. Devices and tightening, lifting and turnover devices in metallurgical equipment;

    3. Vehicle lifting machine, flexible tooling and welding elevator for vehicle manufacturing;

    4. Lifting device and solar power generation tracking device of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon furnace in photovoltaic industry;

    5. Aerospace, national defense and military, astronomical telescope and other remote control execution devices;

    6. lifting device of lifting stage;

    7. Shipbuilding, water conservancy, papermaking, food, warehousing, casting and other industries; Various actuators of medical instruments, woodworking machinery and food machinery

    8. Lifting devices on machine tools such as vertical lathe and gantry.

    Product advantages

    1. Good rigidity, accurate positioning and self-locking after power failure;

    2. The system structure is simple and compact, and there are no complicated pump valves, oil tanks, air sources and pipeline systems;

    3. Low noise, no fluid leakage and little environmental pollution. It is an ideal green environmental protection product;

    4. Due to the reducer mechanism, the system section realizes a small driving source to transmit a large torque;

    5. The worm screw elevator has the characteristics of precise machinery, compact design, durability, less maintenance time and long service life. In addition, without other mechanical devices, some linear or rotary motion can be realized by relying on clutch, shaft and motor and relatively simple driving scheme;

    6. It can form a closed-loop servo control system to realize automatic control;

    7. Use the standard original, which is easy to assemble and saves time and labor;

    8. The installation is simpler and the operation time can be longer. Due to the more efficient heat dissipation, the lubrication cycle is prolonged.

    ★ if you need to customize the transmission scheme, product specific parameters and overall dimensions, please contact the sales engineer

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