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M series high precision ball screw elevator

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High precision ball screw elevator can be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, medical treatment, culture and health and other industries. It can accurately control and adjust the lifting or propulsion height according to a certain program, which can be directly driven by motor or other power, or manually. Screw lifter is a kind of lifting component for foundation lifting. The bearing capacity is 2.5-120t. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, wide power source, low noise, convenient installation, flexible use, multiple functions, multiple supporting forms, high reliability, long service life and so on.

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    Model:  M1605 / M2510/ M3210 / M4010 / M5010 / non standard customization

    Linkage quantity: single set / two sets / three sets / four sets / six sets / eight sets, lifting at the same time

    Lifting mode: screw up and down / nut up and down

    Transmission mode: electric / manual

    Drive control mode: simple / complex / PLC controller

    M series high precision ball screw elevator

    Power: 0.04kw ~ 3kw

    Torque: 25N · m ~ 250N · M

    Transmission ratio: single stage: 9-87 double stage: 121-1849

    Basic model

    M series high-precision ball screw elevator is one of the main products of our company. This product is suitable for high-speed, high-frequency and high-performance devices. The main components are precision ball screw pair and high-precision worm gear pair. High quality ball screw imported from Taiwan is adopted, the product quality is guaranteed, and the working life is more than 3 times longer than that of ordinary ball screw. Compared with the trapezoidal screw rod, the speed is greatly improved and can run easily and at high speed. Rolling friction improves the efficiency of the whole machine. Only a small driving source can produce a great driving force.

    Features of M series high precision ball screw elevator

    • bearing capacity 0.5t-50t

    • maximum input speed 1500r / min

    • maximum lifting speed 10m / min

    • working environment temperature - 15 ~ 40 ℃

    • lifting height: non-standard, customizable

    Note: ① it has no self-locking function. If it reverses due to axial load and screw self weight, it is necessary to add braking device or select driving source with braking. ② Large pitch ball screw type, please consult separately

    Product Display

    Yexin transmission machinery technology has developed M-series high-precision ball screw lifter according to the service life, maintenance and accuracy requirements of customers and the accuracy requirements of modern society for the automation market. The product has a long service life. Under the condition of daily maintenance, the warranty period is one year, and the real service life is as long as ten years. During the service life, proper maintenance can ensure that the accuracy change error is about 2 wires within five years, The product itself, through the overall forging process of nut structure, adds a few more turns of ball to realize that the maximum load is much higher than the standard nut when used as a whole. The forging process comes from German technology and Yexin transmission machinery technology. It has more than ten years of non-standard customization technology and R & D capacity. The product itself is a body developed for the precision required by the automation market. It is simple to install and easy to use, Maintenance work does not need to be carried out in a short time.

    Products are widely used: automobile manufacturing, textile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, hardware manufacturing, robot industry R & D and so on. Yexin transmission machinery technology, with the most sincere attitude, the most considerate after-sales service and the most professional manufacturing level, will escort the safe use of each of your equipment. Look forward to working together with you in the future. Science and technology -- change the future!

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