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Gear reducer

  • KM series Hypoid gear reducer

    KM series Hypoid gear reducer

    KM series hypoid gear reducer is a new generation of practical products independently developed by our company. It integrates advanced technologies at home and abroad and has the following main characteristics:
    1. Hypoid gear transmission is adopted, with large transmission ratio
    2. Large output torque, high transmission efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection
    3. High quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight, no rust
    4. Stable transmission and low noise, suitable for long-term continuous work in harsh environment
    5. Beautiful and durable, small volume
    6. It can be installed in all directions, widely used and easy to use
    7. The installation dimensions of KM series reducer are fully compatible with nmrw series worm gear reducer
    8. Modular combination, which can be combined in various forms to meet the needs of various transmission conditions

  • Mb Continuously Variable Transmission

    Mb Continuously Variable Transmission

    Structure and working principle
    1. Planetary cone-disk variator (see the drawing)
    Both solar-wheel with a conicity(10) and press-plate (11) are jammed by a group of butterfly springs (12) and the input shaft (24) is linked with the sloar-wheel by a key to form a jammed input device. A group of planetary wheels with a conicity (7), with their inner side clamped in between the jammed solar-wheel and the pres-plate and outer side between the fixed ring with a conicity (9) and the speed-regulating cam (6), when the input device turms, roll purely along with the fixed ring due to both fixed ring and speed regulating cam fixed without motion and make revolution round the input shaft to drive both planetary rack (2) and output shaft (1) to run via the planetary-wheel shaft and the slide-block bearing (5). To regulate the speed, turn the handwheel, which drives the speed regulating screw to have the surface cam relatively run to produce axial displacement and thus to evenly change the space between the speed regulating cam and the fixed ring and, finally, change the working radius at the frictional place of the cam between the planetqry-wheel and the solar-wheel and between the press-rack and the fixed ring to realize the stepless speed variation.

  • WB Series of micro cycloidal speed reducer

    WB Series of micro cycloidal speed reducer

    Product overview:

    WB series reducer is a kind of machinery that decelerates according to the principle of planetary transmission with small tooth difference and cycloid needle tooth meshing. The machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, double shaft and direct connection. It is a general equipment in metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical industry, textile, light industry and other industries.

  • CV  CH precision gear motor reducer

    CV CH precision gear motor reducer

    Performance characteristics:
    1. Output speed: 460 R / min ~ 460 R / min
    2. Output torque: up to 1500N m
    3. Motor power: 0.075kw ~ 3.7KW
    4. Installation form: h-foot type, v-flange type

  • P series high precision planetary reducer

    P series high precision planetary reducer

    P series high-precision planetary reducer, servo planetary reducer is another name for planetary reducer in the industry. Its main transmission structure is: planetary gear, sun gear and inner ring gear. Compared with other reducers, the servo planetary reducer has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision (within 1 point in a single stage), high transmission efficiency (97% – 98% in a single stage), high torque / volume ratio, lifelong maintenance free, etc. Most of them are installed on stepping motor and servo motor to reduce speed, increase torque and match inertia. For structural reasons, the minimum single-stage deceleration is 3 and the maximum is generally no more than 10