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Mb Continuously Variable Transmission

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Structure and working principle
1. Planetary cone-disk variator (see the drawing)
Both solar-wheel with a conicity(10) and press-plate (11) are jammed by a group of butterfly springs (12) and the input shaft (24) is linked with the sloar-wheel by a key to form a jammed input device. A group of planetary wheels with a conicity (7), with their inner side clamped in between the jammed solar-wheel and the pres-plate and outer side between the fixed ring with a conicity (9) and the speed-regulating cam (6), when the input device turms, roll purely along with the fixed ring due to both fixed ring and speed regulating cam fixed without motion and make revolution round the input shaft to drive both planetary rack (2) and output shaft (1) to run via the planetary-wheel shaft and the slide-block bearing (5). To regulate the speed, turn the handwheel, which drives the speed regulating screw to have the surface cam relatively run to produce axial displacement and thus to evenly change the space between the speed regulating cam and the fixed ring and, finally, change the working radius at the frictional place of the cam between the planetqry-wheel and the solar-wheel and between the press-rack and the fixed ring to realize the stepless speed variation.

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Planetary cone-disk variator is designed with the advanced know-how of both at hoe and abroad and can be used for both light-industrial trades, such as food, pharmaceutical, plastic, papermaking,ceramic,tobacoo,printing etc., and heavy-industrial trades, such as tool machine, petrochemistry, metallurgy, metallurgy etc.,as well as for the trades of communication and transportation. It features as below:
1、 High strength:when reversedly running with an impact load, it is of a feliable performance, able to precisely drive, without a recoil and with a sufficient strength.
2、 Large range of speed variation: its range of speed variation is 5, i.e. its output speed ratio can be varied be
between 1:1.45 to 1:25.
3、 High precision of speed regulation: the precision of speed regulation is 0.5-1 turn.
4、 Stable performance: its driving parts are meticulously processed with specially heat treatment, resulting in good contact and lubrication, stable running, low noise and long durability.
5、 Compact structure, small volume and light weight.
6、 Strong capability to be combined: it is of a good capability to be combined with various reducers to realize low-speed stepless variation.

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