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CV CH precision gear motor reducer

Short Description:

Performance characteristics:
1. Output speed: 460 R / min ~ 460 R / min
2. Output torque: up to 1500N m
3. Motor power: 0.075kw ~ 3.7KW
4. Installation form: h-foot type, v-flange type

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Features of high-power reducer

1. G series reducer is fully enclosed and full life Mechatronics design;

2. G fully enclosed gear reducer with hard tooth surface helical gear transmission, low noise and high efficiency;

3. The gear reducer has the advantages of overall structure, light weight and strong adaptability;

4. Electromagnetic brake can be attached.
Ch series gear reducer (small integrated structure, fast production and favorable price)

CV / CH precision gear motor reducer features

1. When the output shaft of the reducer is 18, 22 and 28, the body is made of aluminum alloy, and other materials are cast iron

2. The reducer gear is made of 20CrMo, Quenched and tempered to 21 degrees, and then subjected to high cycle heat treatment to hardness of 40 43

3. The gear shaft of the reducer is processed by skiing precision hobbing, and the gear accuracy is grade 1 to 2

4. The shaft test oil seal of the reducer is mainly high temperature resistant Viton oil seal, which can prevent the lubricating oil from flowing back into the reducer

5. The company has added lubricating grease bt-860-0 before leaving the factory. Under normal conditions, it is not necessary to change the lubricating grease for 20000 hours. However, when operating under special environmental conditions, such as high temperature, long-term operation, impact load, etc., the oil change frequency is 10000-15000 hours, and the lubricating oil needs to be added regularly.

Product Description


Maintenance is very important to prolong the service life of reduction motor. Everyone likes to buy a reduction motor once and for all. It will take ten or eight years. It's much easier. However, the machine also needs to be properly and regularly maintained in order to produce higher value. So how do you need to maintain the commonly used reduction motor?

To ensure the normal operation of the reduction motor, it is necessary to keep the reduction motor clean, regularly clean the dust and foreign matters on the surface of the reduction motor, regularly check the service state of lubricating oil, and regularly clean the ventilation cap.

1、 Selection of lubricating oil for reduction motor
Lubricating oil can reduce the mutual wear between the gears of the reduction motor, prevent the body from overheating, and prolong the service life of the reduction motor.
1. The reduction motor needs to be replaced with new oil after the first use and operation for 300 hours, and then the oil needs to be replaced every 2500 hours; Pay attention to regularly check the quality and quantity of oil during use. If the oil has impurities, aging and deterioration, it must be replaced at any time.
2. Gear oil shall be of fixed brand and model, and different brands, numbers or types of oil shall not be mixed.
3. In the process of oil change, clean the inside of the reduction motor first, and then inject new oil.
4. When the oil temperature is too high (above 80 ℃) or there is abnormal noise during use, it shall be stopped immediately.
5. Regularly check the oil leakage, oil temperature and oil level height. In case of oil leakage, high oil temperature or low oil level height, stop using and check the cause, repair or replace with new oil.

2、 Daily maintenance of reduction motor
1. The reduction motor shall be overhauled regularly. In case of abnormal or significant wear, effective measures must be taken immediately. After the replacement of new parts, the no-load operation shall be carried out first, and the formal use shall be carried out after it is confirmed to be normal.
2. The user shall establish a reasonable maintenance system and carefully record the service condition of the reduction motor and the problems found in the maintenance.

3、 Daily maintenance of reduction motor
1. If the reduction motor is not installed and used immediately, it shall be stored in a dry and safe place; When it is stored for a long time and then used, contact the technical personnel of the manufacturer to give relevant precautions or use it after renovation.
2. Clean the oil filter and vent cap regularly; After the first oil change, the tightness of the fastening bolts shall be checked, and then every other oil change shall be checked.
3. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the reduction motor about once a year.

PS! Do not disassemble or replace the equipment until the power supply is removed.

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