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ZT-ZTF high precision steering box

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ZT high-precision steering box steering gear, ZT-ZTF spiral bevel gear steering box steering gear can run forward and backward, and adopts multi-directional integral shaft input and output design structure. It has the advantages of small volume, large torque, convenient installation, large speed ratio, wide power range, low noise, high efficiency, and arbitrary direction conversion.

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ZT-ZTF high precision steering box, steering gear input shaft is divided into single axis, double horizontal axis, single vertical axis and double vertical axis. Ztf spiral bevel gear steering gear box the steering gear box is a hexahedron, which can adapt to installation in different directions, can run forward and backward, drive smoothly at low speed or high speed, and has low noise, small vibration and large bearing capacity. When the speed ratio is not 1:1, the horizontal axis input and the vertical axis output are deceleration, and the vertical axis input and the horizontal axis output are acceleration. Foot mounting and flange mounting can be provided, double input shaft can be provided, multiple output shafts can be realized, and output shafts can be provided in solid shaft, hollow shaft single key, hollow shaft locking disk and hollow shaft spline. To match the required parameters or technical scheme drawings, it is also necessary to contact Yexin transmission technicians to customize the ZTB spiral bevel gear steering box steering gear according to the actual needs. This steering box has high accuracy, high working efficiency, stable transmission, and can realize two transmission modes of deceleration and acceleration.

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