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HD series spiral bevel gear steering box

Short Description:

Usage and range of application
This series of redirector can be used in crane machinery, transportation, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, light industry, and other equipments’ transmission structure. Wore condition is,
1. Speed of high speed spindle is less than 1500r/min.
2. Temperature of work environment is -40- + 50。If temperature is under 01D, luboil must be heated before startup.

Product Detail

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This series includes SPL/SPS and SPV type. SPL type is used in speed-down transmission, and SPS type is used in speedup transmission, while SPV type is designed for series connection of redriectors. Gear is made of mild alloy steel: and the stooth surface is hardened by carburzing hardening technic.
Bevel gear redirector has several character!sties, as follows:
1.It is durable with large ratio of input power to redirector's weight.
2.It can run satbly with low-noise ad high efficiency of transmission (reach 95%-98%).
3.Spiral-bevel gear has a larger bending strength than straightbevel gear it also can be used in high-speed transmission.
4.There are eight different specifications of redirector according to different requests of redirector's carrying capacity.
5.Its chest is cubic with screw-thread blind-hole at each side, in order to make assembly flexible and convenient.
6.The six fitting suraces of chest have unified size, and spiral bevel gear redirector have six nominal ratio range: 1/1.5/2/3/475, but special design is requested for larger ratio. When speed ratio is 1:1, outside standard pitch circle diameter is prescribed. When speed ratio is less than 2:1, redirector can transmit larger power (special design). Bearing structure of spindle is made up of two bevel toror running condition, suitable contact patterns, as well as effective maintenance (speify if forward and reverse work is needed while booking).
Gear of this director series is spiral bevel gear; submerged lubrication is used: body is made of grey cast iron: nominal ratio range is: SPL-1/1.5/273/4/5, SPV-1/1.5/273/4/5, SPS-1.5/2.
If director's thermal power is larger than allowed thermal power, cooling aids are needed, such as radiating fin; condenser cycle oil, and so on. All these cooling aids must be specified while bilking.

Product Deatils

Size of redirector's foundation
Bed plate with arc line can be assembled with any plane of redirector, while bed plate without arc line must be assembled with redirector's fl at plane


Shape and size of SPL-redirector
SPL-redirectors connect shape size、weighty 、lube dosage

1 (The shaft d2 can be used as the input end. In that case, the SPL commutator can do the gearing-pu with in the allowable speed range.
2)If several commutators are used in series, it's recommended to choose the SPV type.
3.Please note the positions of foundation screw thread holes in the order.


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