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Double Sprocket Roller with polymer bearing housing

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1. Welding the steel sprocket to the steel tube gives it the capacity to transmit high torque and meet the requirements for heavy duty transportation.
2. The bearing end cap consists of a precision ball bearing, a polymer housing and end cap seal. Combined they provide an attractive, smooth and quite running roller.
3. The design of the end cap protects the bearings by providing excellent resistance to dust and splashed water  roller.
4. Temperature range: -5℃ ~ +40℃.
Humidity available ≥ 30%
Please contact us if humidity out of this scope.

The roller conveyor is designed as an electric roller trough roller for continuous cargo transportation, even if it is large or heavy. Electric rollers can be galvanized, stainless steel or covered. The roller can be realized by friction roller to simplify the storage of packaging.

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Conventional conveyors are in operation, whether or not they accumulate product. One of the major aspects of the electric drive roll (MDR) is that the MDR area operates when needed by adopting an appropriate control system strategy. In a typical MDR system, the rollers in many given areas run 10% to 50% of the running time. Energy saving can save 30% to 70%, which means that your enterprise can get faster.

Grooving drum

What are the advantages of the design of electric driven roller conveyor? Inherent advantages mean that your maintenance and spare parts costs are greatly reduced. Parts do not need mechanical accumulation, no maintenance for 10 years, no maintenance, zero pressure accumulation, on-demand operation characteristics, variable fixed speed regulation and reversibility, no mechanical oil gearbox and no leakage. Most conveyor manufacturers use one or more forms of electrically driven roller conveyor concept. With the passage of time, electric drive roller products have been put on the market to solve the traditional material handling function, not just zero pressure accumulation.

Several versions are merged and transferred in the market. The electric drive roller (MDR) is a conveyor roller with its own inner motor. Each motor roller controls a small range of free rotation rollers. This inherent modular design makes the design and construction of zero pressure accumulation conveyor system faster and easier than conventional conveyor system. With the change of business demand, the electric drum transmission system is also easy to replace and expand.

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