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Function of bevel gear ball screw elevator

The bevel gear elevator has many functions, such as lifting, lowering, pushing with the help of auxiliary parts, overturning and various height position adjustment. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, accurate positioning, minimum control within 0.03mm, fast linear movement speed, multiple arbitrary layout, single drive source control and multi platform. The products are widely used in AGV intelligent logistics car, stage, sheet metal stamping, automatic mechanical equipment and other scientific and technological equipment with intelligent manufacturing.

Ball screw elevator is suitable for high speed. In the high-frequency and high-performance device, the main components of the ball screw elevator are precision ball screw pair and high-precision worm gear pair, which have high efficiency. Using ball friction to improve the efficiency of the whole machine, only a small driving source can produce a large driving force. Ball screw is an ideal product that transforms rotary motion into linear motion or linear motion into rotary motion. Structure of ball screw elevator: the structure of ball screw pair is traditionally divided into internal circulation structure (represented by circular reverser and elliptical reverser) and external circulation structure (represented by intubation). These two structures are the same_ Common structures. There is no essential difference in the performance of the two structures, but the installation and connection size of the internal circulation structure is small; The installation and connection size of external circulation ball screw elevator is large. At present, there are more than 10 kinds of structures of ball screw pair, but the commonly used ones are: internal circulation structure; External circulation structure; End cover structure; Cover plate structure.

Features of ball screw:
1. Compared with the sliding screw pair, the driving torque of the ball screw is 1 / 3
2. Ball screw has high precision
3. Micro feed of ball screw
4. The ball screw has no side clearance and high rigidity
5. High speed feed of ball screw is possible


Principle of ball screw:
1. Ball screw elevator and its application examples. Ball screw is used to convert rotary motion into linear motion; Or the actuator that converts linear motion into rotary motion, and has high transmission efficiency, accurate positioning and so on
2. When the ball screw elevator is used as the driving body, the nut will be transformed into linear motion according to the lead of the corresponding specification with the rotation angle of the screw. The passive workpiece can be connected with the nut through the nut seat, so as to realize the corresponding linear motion.

Post time: Apr-13-2022