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Application scope of electric roller industry

The electric roller can drive the belt to run. It wraps around the closed belt passing through the full length of the conveyor and is driven by the machine head. The electric roller drives the belt to run continuously on the belt frame, transports the materials on the conveyor belt to the machine head, transfers them to other transportation equipment, and finally transports the materials to the destination or metering bin, so as to realize the continuous transportation of materials. What industries can the electric drum be used as the power of belt conveyor and lifting equipment?

Electric drum
1. It can replace the widely used external driving device of motor reducer type, which is used to form a belt conveyor. It can transport bulk materials such as coal, ore, sand, cement and flour, as well as sacks, equipment and other finished goods.
2. Simple and compact structure and small occupied space.
3. It is well sealed and suitable for workplaces with high dust concentration, humidity and mud.
4. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use and maintenance, safe and reliable operation and long service life.
5. Less energy consumption and easy to realize centralized control.
6. It can meet the needs of various backstop, braking, rubber coating, etc.


To sum up, it can be found that the electric roller is a power transmission device, which can work in harsh working environment. Therefore, it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electric power, grain, transportation and other departments. The electric roller of Yexin transmission machinery is divided into many types, such as oil-cooled electric roller and so on. The enterprise pays attention to product quality all year round. The production quality can definitely reassure you, and the after-sales service is also high-quality. If you need it, you can contact or visit directly! Various types and specifications of reducer, electric roller procurement, welcome to consult!

Post time: Apr-13-2022